Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Solar Cooker in Perth

What will you do when you don't have fuel, gas or electricity for cooking or you are going green?
Build a solar cooker. A parabolic reflector, 1 meter diameter Capable of generating 600 watts of  heat. Use black pot and cover. Boil water in 30 minutes. Cook 1 kg of rice in 1 hour. Welding of handle by Ronald. Turn and tilt the reflector to focus the sunlight to the pot. Free energy from the sun. The food is cook perfectly. Use black 5G safety glass to protect you from blinding sunlight.

I cook chicken macaroni soup.

Scrap removable 2 wires that holds the pot.

Scrap rotating handle GI pipe which I force to the ground. Free weld by Ronald.

Scrap Tightening handle made from bike brakes.

Tilting Reflector made of GI Sheet (30 USD). lug with bolt holes align to the focus.

Arm manually bend to perfection!!!

Back view. Sheets edges are hammer formed and soldered together.it takes time and patience. I 'll post later the flat pattern of each sheets.

closer look of the lug/ear

Cut and stick a 12 dollar adhesive silver plastic notebook cover to the surface of GI sheet. spray soapy water on both surface before sticking.

 talo talo na sa pagluluto pag may araw.

Friday, January 24, 2014

The making of the Third Solarcooker (Kalandearaw) Prototype

 I am making this Solar Cooker for two weeks now. I assemble a temporary base for the reflector so I can cook  rice. I successfully cook rice. There are plenty of Sunlight at Perth Australia.

The reflector is Steel Sheets coated with Galvanize.It is not yet finish. The ideal reflector is mirror finish stainless steel.

I put the Kettle on top of the bricks and wait.

The rice is still wet but slowly cooking.

Finally the rice is cook. It takes 1 hour from 11 am to 12 pm.

Thank you.